New Customer Referral Program

You’ll earn 500 Convoy Points™ for referring each qualified new customer. IdleAir VIP customers can then use their Convoy Points™ in the Convoy Store for products and services from IdleAir, and from a growing selection of Rewards Partners. The Customer Referral Program is our way of saying THANK YOU to all our great customers who tell their friends about IdleAir.

For details on the VIP Driver Rewards Program and Convoy Points™, please visit

New Customer Referral Program FAQs

Q: What is my IdleAir member number?
A: Your IdleAir member number is not the 16 digit card # on the back of your member card. It is a different number (generally up to six digits) that is assigned by the IdleAir system when you first signed up as an IdleAir member.

Q: How can I find my IdleAir member number?
A: When you locate your Member ID write it on the back of your IdleAir Member Card for future reference.
On the Service Module:
• Choose the Web Button on the Main Menu
• Then choose My Account, then Visit Receipts, then View a Receipt, see the Member ID at the top of the receipt
On printed IdleAir receipts:
• Your Member ID is also printed on receipts from:
• CARLOS (the card loading machine under the IdleAir building awning)
• The visit-receipt printer under the IdleAir building awning.

Q: How does a new customer prospect sign up with IdleAir as a member?
• Visit an IdleAir equipped travel center
• Have the referring customer’s IdleAir member number handy.
• Go to the IdleAir building in the parking lot
• Locate an IdleAir site rep and they will assist.
• If no IdleAir rep is available, contact IdleAir customer support and they will assist with signup over the phone.