Our Business Model

IdleAir combines a creative package of technologies and services that create value and provide a unique marketplace solution for long-haul truck drivers and their fleets. IdleAir service allows truck drivers to turn off their diesel engines and APU’s and still enjoy heat, cooling, standard electric inside and outside the cab, Satellite TV, internet, and many of the comforts of home — all while saving money and getting better sleep without the noise, vibration, and exhaust fumes from idling. IdleAir is a winning solution for every customer and constituency.

Drivers Win
• Drivers save money. IdleAir can cost as little as half as much as idling, not to mention the savings from prolonged engine life, and less downtime from repairs and maintenance.
• With IdleAir’s Advanced Travel Center Electrification ® (ATE) system, drivers get measurably improved rest.
• With filtration and UVC light treatment, IdleAir provides cleaner, healthier air inside the cab
• Drivers also receive a measurably improved lifestyle on the road otherwise, including a wide range of communications and entertainment options inside the cab of their truck

Fleets Win
• Unlike any other idling alternative, a $5 window adapter, having an immediate ROI, is the only retrofit virtually any long-truck on the road needs to use IdleAir
• Fleets avoid all risk associated with the purchase, maintenance and disposition associated with other idling alternatives
• IdleAir provides an immediate savings in fuel, maintenance and engine wear and tear, and fleets pay for only what drivers use, when they use it. There’s no up front capital investment, and no commitment.
• By providing drivers with a range of lifestyle improvements, IdleAir gives fleets a powerful new tool for recruiting and retaining drivers

Travel Centers Win
• IdleAir creates a new revenue stream for the parking lot owner
• IdleAir creates better relationships between travel centers (and other truck parking locations) and their neighbors
• IdleAir provides a competitive advantage and can cross-promote other products and services at the travel center

American Communities Win
• IdleAir increases energy independence by reducing our dependence on wasteful idling of engines and APU’s that burns foreign oil
• IdleAir provides an immediate and measurable impact on air quality
• IdleAir immediately reduces noise pollution
• IdleAir creates American jobs
• IdleAir provides better rested drivers on the highways