Convoy Points

IdleAir VIP Driver Rewards is the loyalty rewards program for IdleAir. IdleAir customers earn Convoy Points™ by purchasing IdleAir products and services. IdleAir VIP customers can use their Convoy Points™ in the Convoy Store for products and services from IdleAir, and from a growing selection of Rewards Partners.

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Now Earn 5% Back in Convoy Points™
Load more than $50 on your IdleAir card in a single transaction and get 5% back in Convoy Points™. See details here.

Using your Convoy Points™ is the best way to get the biggest discounts – more than 7%! – at IdleAir.

In launching the VIP Driver Rewards program in Spring 2012, IdleAir retroactively awarded over 2 million Convoy Points™ to thousands of customers who used IdleAir since service restarted under Convoy Solutions LLC.

Customers earn 1 Convoy Point™ for each hour of purchased Premium Service. Customers who stay for more than 8 continuous hours receive an additional 25 Convoy Points™. When you redeem your Convoy Points™ in the Convoy Store (visit, you get an additional 5% discount on IdleAir service credits.

Customers earn 33 Convoy Points™ for every 8 continuous hours of Premium Service. That’s about 2% savings at $2.19/hour. Add the 5% savings from the Convoy Store, and your total IdleAir discount is 7% to 7.5%!

Earning this 7% discount is like paying only $2.04/hour when Premium Service at $2.19.

Stay with IdleAir for your 34 hour reset and save: You’ll earn 4 Convoy Points™ per hour – or 134 Convoy Points for your 34 hour reset!