For Government

• IdleAir provides government and other strategic partners with a turn-key technology solution to reduce extended truck idling.
– Helping local areas reach EPA designated “attainment” status
– Quantifiable results that can be included in State Implementation Plans
– Idle-Detection instruments help insure the quality of project emission benefits
• Removes over 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions and 98% of the criterion pollutants which result from extended diesel engine idling
• Produces benefits which occur directly at IdleAir locations, improving the health and quality of life of surrounding communities
– Noise Reduction
– Removes Black Carbon, a fine particulate that represents a serious health threat for local sensitive populations
• Creates jobs while providing a taxable revenue stream for the local economy
• Improves the health and safety of long-haul drivers
• Reduces the consumption of costly and uncertain foreign oil

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