ConvoyTV+Power Special

The ConvoyTV+Power™ Special includes up to 10 hours of ConvoyTV+Power for a flat fee of $12.50 plus tax.

ConvoyTV+Power includes 120V power, DIRECTV, basic Internet, and 24 hours of IdleAir Broadband. Customers can select the ConvoyTV+Power Special at the beginning of their visits, when selecting an IdleAir service. Customers should contact Customer Support to activate their 24 hours of IdleAir Broadband, which must be used at the time of ConvoyTV+Power Special visit.

The new package delivers great value to drivers, who pay as little as $1.25 per hour for IdleAir service. Drivers staying longer than the first 10 hours in a continuous ConvoyTV+Power Special visit automatically continue with hourly ConvoyTV+Power at $1.49 per hour plus tax.