Tell us what YOU think!

“First time user. I have to say , it was the best experience ever. I hope in the near future, there will be IdleAir at each Big Truck Stop.”
– Steve F.

“Actually, I think your product should be at every major truck stop and rest area. It only makes sense. They [society and government] say we need solutions to idling and IdleAir is one, yet its not that available. It should be at the front of diesel priorities and get a budget to be everywhere.”
– Shanon S.

“I love @IdleAir!! There is no better way when you have to do your 34 restart!”
– Stan Meheltz, @Stanontheroad

“To all my fellow IdleAir users that smoke, I want to thank you for being respectful and courteous by not using the few non-smoking spots that IdleAir has provided at select locations. I have never used one of the spots designated as non-smoking and had it smell like cigarettes, I greatly appreciate it.”
– Annette Webb

“IdleAir saves truckers money. No running truck engine when parked.”
– Ken B.

“Stayed at the IdleAir in Baytown TX today. We used the non-smoking unit and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks! Now that I’m over the road again, I’ll be using it a lot more.”
– Lee H.

“Hi folks, I had never used IdleAir and was somewhat apprehensive about it! I pulled in Dallas last night, the guy, can’t remember his name, was awesome getting me set up! One of you service techs was here to, super guy! Thanks a ton!”
– Jack

“Thank you for bringing IdleAir service back. The money I had loaded on my card from years ago was still there. Awesome customer service, clean cool air, fast fast internet. Makes trucking more funner!”
– Anna S.

“IdleAir is great. In many cases it literally a life saver.”
– C. Scotty Simson

“Too bad TA and Petro had you take your services out! I really like using IdleAir.”
– Price B.

“This is my first time using IdleAir and I love it wish it was in more truck stops thank you for your time”
– Ryan G. (Owner/Operator)

“Just recently hung up my keys to the big rig. Man I sure enjoyed the IdleAir experience. Everybody should hook up. It’s easy to enjoy all the extras provided.”
– B. Gard

“May – November did not have A/C or Heat with two different trucking companies. @IdleAir saved my life literally.”
– Nora Reed, @Hollywoodsmoms

“It’s stupidly hot in Laredo, TX but I don’t care because @IdleAir has got it covered. So good. https://t.co/VDegmZOrsX

“I like the way you guys are running things now, alot nicer.”
– David Shepard

“As owners of our own truck my wife and i drive as a team and use IdleAir whenever it is available and are looking forward to seeing more locations to open soon, thank you for the services you offer and making our lives more comfortable on the road.”
– Lee R.

“Wishing I had @IdleAir now! Had to get up, and start a much more expensive heat source. #justsayin pic.twitter.com/pNbfKOFu

“Using IdleAir here in Laredo Texas at the pilot watching the after new years eve bands and keeping cool.”
– Cody Sechrist

“Being a local driver now, there is one thing i really miss about OTR life. Being hooked up to @IdleAir ! Love u guys!”

“This service is very important to me and I’m so thankful that IdleAir is here! I know that your job can be stressful and it’s folks like you…that make things so much more pleasant for guys like me. I actually plan my trips with IdleAir in mind and when ever I’m able, I stop at your location! s for my breaks. Let me tell you this, one of the main reasons I keep stopping at IdleAir is you guys in customer service. You guys treat me like a VIP and that is important to me.”
– John K.

“The attendants are super friendly and helpful. If I’m in PA, and in the area, this is where I will always be stopping…It be nice to see locations off of every insterstate in all states.”
– Brian Blankenship

“As a full-time road warrior I have many options for fuel, groceries, parking/camping. Sites with IdleAir installations will get me to drive in and I will spend there…A new fan and convert for the IdleAir system.”
– Rick R.

“Loved the service and so does the company I work for…”
– Rikk C.

“Who the heck needs a house when you got IdleAir and a truck to live in?”
– Brian Blankenship

“Spent the past weekend using IdleAir for the first time ever in El Paso, Tx. … we loved the service and will be using it in the future.”
– Jorge M.

“Our experience with your technician at the Boonville, MO Pilot was great! The friendly, personalized service was not something you see much anymore, anywhere. It took awhile for us to figure out how to get everything up and running, but throughout it all, he was patient, nice, and helpful. A very special thank-you definitely goes out to him. Also, although we didn’t need it, it was awesome that this location had loaner tv’s for drivers who do. We’ve only used IdleAire a couple times, but every time we’ve been impressed with the stellar customer service we’ve received. We wish you were everywhere!”
– Michelle & Jonathan B.

– John K.

– Phillip Jones

“In Laredo air cond out no parts till morning. I used IdleAir the first time around when I could & I’m so glad they are here now. The guys in Laredo were very helpful and fast .”
– Steve Milam

“At the current fuel prices one hour of idling equals one gallon of fuel burned. At 3.959 per gallons of diesel IdleAir is almost $2 cheaper then idling. So I pay the 2.09 per hour not to mention the wear and year on the engine. Idling can damage an engine over time plus it’s better to sleep with no running truck. And better for the environment… That’s why I have IdleAir hooked up to my truck right now. Wife and cats love it, so do I. Thanks”
– Brian Houston

“I see your El Paso location is back. Drivers rejoice!”
– @Trucker_Country

“I will be very happy if IDLEAIR is put back in every location it was in and more.”
– Rick Derry

– Jim Beckes

– Andy S.

“IdleAire was an awesome concept, but now IDLEAIR is even better! The service is better, the equipment is better, and Convoy Solutions is running it smarter! All this and still cheaper than diesel!!!!!! Way 2 go guys!!!!!”
– Buddy W.

“@IdleAir I love IdleAir…so nice to have cable TV and nice people all around :-)”
– LaWanda Eckert

“Just wanted to thank “Tabitha” at the W Memphis, AR location for her efforts to fix my issues on the Travel Channel. It is plain to see that the customer is important to her. Thank You for all you do Tabitha! I also needed to call your call center in Knoxville, Lawanda treated me with the same sense of importance. Thanks for being consistant on that matter Lawanda! IdleAir is so very important to my wife and me as the truck is our home. I do wish that you had more locations like the ones in Benson and San Simon AZ, but where ever the location is, IdleAir is a MUST HAVE!”
– John K.

“Is there any chance of IdleAir returning to the TA and Petro’s? Sure miss them.”
– Jack Rorer

“Sleep better, save money (costs less than idling) once you try it, you’ll be looking to park at one all the time.”
– Lisa Pawl

“@IdleAir The best people in the lot!”
– LaWanda Eckert

“IdleAir is the greatest addition to a truckstop.”
– Bryan S.

“June in orange texas? air conditioning is a must. i dropped [IdleAir] to 66 and high and slept like a baby”
– Jd Pratt

“Thanks IdleAir I really miss ur Hebron oh location I knew ur staff real well back than I was loyal to that site.”
– Brian Walker

“Tried out the IdleAir in Boonville, Missouri at the Pilot Travel Center. It was nice to be able to hook up like that. The TV was good and the air conditioning was nice and quiet.”
– The Hula Girl of the Highway

“Cant wait for the location in el paso to open up completely at the flying j 🙂 we have been there twice in the last 3 weeks hoping for it to be open but it wasnt so we hooked up to the IdleAir across the street at the loves in el paso…all i can say is about dang time they get one down there as hot as it gets 😀 (we are hooked to IdleAir right now in w.memphis at the pilot…we love our IdleAir lol)”
– Caitlin Alyse Foulkrod

“Just wanted to say thanks for coming back IdleAir really missed IdleAir especially in lower western states, in the summer in el paso, relaxing in comfort now thank you Ken keep up with adding new locations.”
– Ken W.

“i love that you guys came back,use you alot, kinda plan my stops with you guys…WELCOME BACK, hope you stay with us thanks”
– Tim B.

“Just want to say how glad i am that idleair is up and running again. I realy was missing it. I love that i dont have to idle my truck. Idleair should be in every truck stop and backed by the gov. to stay up and running if needed. At every site that i visited idleair employees are more than helpful and very freindly. Thank you idleair hope you guys stay up and running and open a lot more locations.”
– Joe B.

“As me being owner operator, I’m a firm believer in your IdleAir. With IdleAir It saves me a ton of money in fuel and wear and tear of the motor!! Need more of you around the country!!”
– Scott Bender

“I was a driver that truly believed in using IdleAir and IdleAir was how I was able to WIN a $5000 Fuel Bonus 1 year…THANK YOU IDLEAIR”
– Lee David Flanary

“I’m so glad to see you up and running again welcome back love the concept hope you make it work this time….. I am in the pilot in White Pine Tn tonight didn’t even relize you were back. Your on site rep here is great really helpful gave me a new card since I had got rid of mine and there was still money on it thanks! Great Work !”
– Clarence C.

“I want to thank you for opening up some sites. I hope to see more re-opem. I am an independent contractor with his own truck and trailer…Not known for the best heater nor air conditioner. I am an avid user when available. Thank you so much.”
– John F., Jr.

“Just discovered IdleAir……OMG, sweeeeeet! #IGotCableTVTonight”
– John McKimmy (@popcorn_82)

“Company my hubby works for has the no idle on their trucks, unless it is under 40 or over 72, and doesn’t allow any invertors in their trucks so he has to sleep with windows open and can’t watch tv or use his computer, so putting them in the south east from south of va, to miami fl and east to kanas city would be great……he had used IdleAir before it is the greatest things for the truckers”
– Debi Allen

“I just called in to update my info on my account and I am happy that IdleAir is back. I am the first driver to get an account back when the first site was being built off of the New York Thruway years ago. Make sure that everyone supports the new IdleAir and speak to other drivers because this service is still awesome.”
– Rick S.

“Thank u @IdleAir for a comfortable cool afternoon in Sale Lake City.”
– @missa68

“Very relaxing and cheap.”
– Bernard Kidcast Samuel

“I uses this a lot and thank you for the good Service 🙂 Baylor Trucking”
– Pedro Daniel Ruiz

“Welcome back. Hooked up here in jackson ga. Thanks goes to the lot attendants for all the help and getting me a new card as I discarded my old one as I thought you guys wasn’t coming back. Once again welcome back.”
– Michael Reed

“I tried IdleAir for the first time today and I am forever hooked!…I have been OTR for a while now. I never considered IdleAir an option until I recently became an IC. I knew it existed, I just didn’t care about wasting the diesel cause I wasn’t paying for it. It is over 100 degrees in Laredo today, and only 65 in my truck because of IdleAir. I love not having to idle the truck and the staff at the Pilot down here is amazing! The guy took the time to go through everything with me and answered all the questions I had. A truly positive experience in a normally aggravating place! :)”
– Steven Pratt

“Glad to see IdleAir making a comeback. I use it when ever im near one.”
– Rick Melkonian

“I’m very glad that IdleAir is coming back.. prior to parking my OTR Truck I used IdleAir everyday… I also hope that IdleAir can get all the locations back up and running along I-10 , I-20 , I-40 , and I-81.. Especially since we are now upon high early spring temps..”
– Harold G.

“Im a member of IdleAir and I like it!! The thing of it is NO idling the engine , Saving where and tear and saving fuel!!”
– Scott Bender

“My husband and I used your service for the first time at the Pilot in Hurricane Mills, TN. The product worked great but we are writing to tell you our experience with your employee, Mellisa. What a delightful person! She was knowledgeable, helpful and took the time to patiently explain the service in detail. She had a wonderful sense of humor and that was so refreshing after a long day of driving. She is a real credit to your company.”
– Jean K.

“I needed to contact your company and ask that you pass my thanks on to the guy you have working in St. Louis…He drove me up to the truckstop in his own car and waited for me to get done with my business inside before driving me back to the truck. I recently started driving again after a hip surgery and walking is still painful after the ordeal. Your man noticed me limping and decided to help out. Please let him know that a simple act of courtesy does not always go unappreciated.”
– Kevin B.

“I used IdleAir alot when it was around. I saved alot of money because i didn’t have to idle my truck. Now i’m a company driver (was OO for 34 years decided to retire but got bored so i’m back out but now in a company truck) and i’d still use it at my own expence if it were more available. I hope to see more open up.”
– Rick Derry

“i havent used IdleAir since it came back as i am now retired from over the road. but i am a wholehearted supporter, i used it at least 3 to 4 nights a week when i was runnin the road and was very dissapointed when i heard that they closed up shop. welcome back and best of luck!!!”
– Dave Mitchell

“Love IdleAir! We’re at the one in Baytown, TX right now! We use IdleAir whenever we can..so much less than idling the truck, and this time we’re taking advantage of the ethernet connection as well!”
– Ann Burt

“I love IdleAir it works great!!!”
– Angela Lemarr

“You guys have the most friendly people staffing all your locations I have visited.”
– Donnie Mitchell

“Well after seeing some ignorant post about IdleAir here is my post. Pulled into the Claysville PA Petro pulled into a open IdleAir spot hooked up my IdleAir swiped my IdleAir card that I haven’t used in two years and wow the money was still on it everything worked fine and I slept in warmth. Since I own my truck and since I pay for fuel I really appreciate being able to use IdleAir. Cause normally I don’t idle. Thanks IdleAir.”
– Brian Houston

“IdleAir is the one thing I look forward too in Laredo. Where I first signed up for it. Luv it.”
– Rhonda Ross Mantooth

“@IdleAir I used Laredo, El Paso and West Memphis. I bring up to students when we talk about life on the road and the benefits of IdleAir.”
– Darryl Partner

“Great Service that SAVES MONEY, REDUCES ENGINE WEAR and promotes cleaner environments. IT WORKS”
– Nick Moonraker

“Im a owner opp and one way i save money is i pull into a IdleAir to keep frm idlein and watsein fuel and i tell all my drivers to use IdleAir”
– Matt Robinson

“It would be great to see IdleAir locations ALL along the I-81 and I-95 corridor. While truckers continue to admonished for idling their trucks, we NEED viable alternatives… I hope to see them re-stored and re-opened in the future. Thank you!”
– Lynda Beran

“We use IdleAir whenever possible. We have a 144 in sleeper with a generator and using IdleAir we save wear and tear on the generator plus fuel. We can hook up the truck to exterior outlet and also use the pod for extra electricity heat and cooling… We will continue to use IdleAir whenever possible.”
– Paul and Deborah Orser

“I hope IdleAir is a great success and cant wait to see more of them in California also.”
– Dave Bustos

“This is a major benefit for over the road truckers. Its about ten years late but better late than never. I hope your company excels to the fullest. My regards.”
– Matthew Martin

“IdleAir is the best thing in the world.”
– Robbie Amber Hill

“@IdleAir thank you for your wonderful service. I can’t wait for you to create an EMPIRE!”
– Joseph Morris, @SalviaJoe

“Really enjoying using IdleAir tonight here in Knoxville… Works very well with my shore power on my truck. Only problem I see is we need more of them… Also a deck with a BBQ grill on it would be nice… 🙂 But I have a Electric one I can hookup outside on the 120 outlets. We have an Tripac Apu but It’s nice not to have the wear and tear on it and the noise plus the gallon or so fuel it would have burnt tonight.”
– Glen Reams

“You have a quality product that helps drivers AND the environment! That’s A+ in my book!”
– @Eviltweety88

“Happy to see that IdleAir is back and I wish there is more of your spots…Sad that Truckstops dont pick you guys back up…We will continue use IdleAir when we can.”
– Perry Warren

“I am a new IdleAir customer (using just the wireless internet at the moment) at your Bakersfield, CA location. As I walked accross your lot, your employee Marcus approached me and asked if I was interested in your companies services. After a brief rundown of what is offered and the current promos offered, how could I decline? Great customer service and a great product!! Thanks IdleAir and thank you Marcus!”
– Matt Fields

“I hope you guys are making a comeback.”
– Pedro Hucks

“IdleAir rocks the trucking industry. Early 2008 I heard rumors of bankruptcy and I nearly cried!! Glad you are still here.”
– @MiscRamblings

“So glad to hear you’re back in business. Sorrier to hear it was after I retired, sure could have used it last year.”
– Dee Hyder

“I just started using IdleAir after being off of it for several yrs. Nice… Thanks and keep up the good work. Hope to see many more locations opening up.”
– Curtis Littrell

“EVERY IdleAir person I’ve had contact with has been VERY courteous & helpful at all times. Your company is to be commended for it’s personnel! Thank you”
– William R. Levering

“Why wouldn’t you use the service? At four bucks a gallon for fuel, ten or even twenty bucks a night is still less money. If you’re a company driver who can’t figure out that saving your company that money every night would equate into a pay raise, then you need to take an ownership viewpoint of your job and see how much you are costing
– Glen Hand

“This is David Adlore from Walkerville Mi he loves his IdleAir and down here in Laredo he says he simply could not do without it. David is a 15 year veteran owns his truck has his own authority and understands the value of a good service it was a pleasure meeting him and sharing a common love IdleAir!!”
– Charlie Claburn

“This is Gary and Kim Darby from Daytona Beach Florida they are leased to Panther expedited Gary says he loves IdleAir because it is cheaper than idling its easier on the engine ie wear and tear from unnecessary idle time and its better for the environment, Kim loves the cable tv and the ac, both were IdleAir users before and Gary said he was glad to see them making a strong comeback. ‘We need more locations'”.
– Charlie Claburn

“I am a driver and I was sick.. the guys at this site [Ft. Worth] took me to the clinic to get me looked at and checked on me to make sure I was ok.. they took me to get my medicine. It seems I had some contaminated water at Earl, AR. But I couldn’t ask for better people to watch out for me and make sure that I was ok. They are a wonderful crew here. I’m back at Ft. Worth again now. I come here every month or so. I call it home.. this crew is fantastic.. they make sure that everything is up and running.. they offered to get me water, food,..I’m so appreciative to have a stop that is so nice and attentive. My Hats off to them! I really wish there were more people like you out looking out for the drivers.”
– Richard Crouch

“OMG!!! I am so happy to see that you are coming back!!! All us o/o with older trucks have SO missed you!!! YAY!!!!
– Heather Dionne

“As an owner operator, I loved [IdleAir]. It saved me money not to mention saved wear on my engine. Lot of people don’t realize how much idling shortens engine life … Appears to me it works better now than it did before.”
– Jeff Robinson

“My husband and I used IdleAir all the time when we had time or were stuck with snowy conditions… it was well worth the money and he is out there on his own so he’s parked every night for his 10 hr break…. he signed up and got a new card!!!”
– Christine Fenske

“So cool. Had time on my IdleAir. Cool finally can sleep.”
– Jodie Meizis

“IdleAir is the obvious solution to enjoy a peaceful and pollution-free sleep! … No diesel-fumes and noise! What a pleasure! … IdleAir is an excellent product! Keep-up the good work and keep-on SAFE-TRUCKING!!”
– Gerhard Meyer

“My husband and I run our own truck and we have been without a/c for a few months. Now we use every IdleAir we come across on the way of our journey.”
– Lori Soucie

“Just wanted to say thanx 4 coming back! I can sleep comfortably on the road again! Hope U will grow larger in time!”
– Wendell Ward

“Just become member and used the Claysville PA site works great”
– Bill Cota

“My mpg was at 6.2 last Wednesday when I left out of the yard for NC. By using IdleAir I have increased it to 7.1 mph in just 4 days. An almost 1 mpg increase in just 4.5 days! That’s huge! Imagine if there where more locations where I ran!?! I could easily see 8, 9 or even 10 mpg! HUGE SAVINGS! Thanks for all you do for the American Trucker!”
– Seth Martin Ward

“I was really hoping you all would put up some more locations, I used to plan my trips around IdleAir.”
– Greg Newman

“I’m a long time customer of IdleAir, and am very pleased to see your company to get back to business…Damn,I am sure glad your back!!!!! Good luck on this turn!! It is a very good idea!”
– Todd Rockhill

“I just sold my 2003 freightliner at a profit with over a million miles on it. The oil analysis showed it to be a much newer engine, that is because I did not have to idle it as much as most. New truck has an APU but I will still be using IdleAir when I can find it, saves on maintenance on that little toy too.”
– David Talley

“This is really a great service for drivers of big rigs. Especially in these heat waves it could be life saving … Considering drivers live in their trucks – while on the road many for 2 and 3 weeks at a time… IdleAir is a great help.”
– Lynna McMillan

“i am a frequent user and try to plan my brake where IdleAir is available because … IdleAir helps me breathe better by keeping the humidity down and the air a constant temp. i want TO THANK YOU FOR THE NO SMOKING UNITS!”
– Richard Martin

“I think IdleAir is one of the best ideas to come around in years for drivers. My fiance used IdleAir when they were in business previously, I never had the use for it before, but, now as an Owner/Op., I want to save every penny I can!”
– Mychael Baird

“Sitting here at Pilot/I-70 exit 4B…enjoying IdleAir for the first time! Thank you so much to our Marine who works here and helped us get hooked up!! HOO RAHHH!!”
– Tasha VallejoMendez

“I am so glad to see IdleAir back up and running you where sorely missed, I use to plan my routes to end up at an IdleAir at the end of my day, more than a few times I would pull into a truck stop late at night and the place was packed and the only spot open was an IdleAir spot I would show the nice woman/Man my card and they would pull the cone out of the way and hook me up….I think you guys are great…..”
– Jack Rose

“I am glad to see IdleAir trying to come back strong.”
– Matt Moritz

“Yes staying cool thank you!!! I use IdleAir whenever I can It is a GREAT service!!!!!!”
– Donald Lloyd

“I’m so glad you are back. I pulled into Houston TX and my old card worked like i had used it yesterday. My balance was still on there after 1 1/2 years. Welcome back Idle Air.”
– Don Burnett

“please consider adding MORE IdleAir throughout the states! I travel all 49 states and would love to see more truckstops equipped with IdleAir. I mean now come on …compare the price of fuel (having to idle all night long for a comfortable night of sleep) and compare the price of IdleAir…. hands down I would use IdleAir every night!”
– William Soucie

“Hi guys!! I just want to say thank you for bringing IdleAir Back. I recently stop in west Memphis, AR. At the pilot And notice that location is back In business. Anyways I was there for 3days and it was grate to “”NOT”” haft to idle my truck and stay cool. I have 2 trucks and looking at getting 2 more. I don’t know what is your guys plan for new locations. But I tell you where I would love to have idle air and we would be hook up every time we’re there….Any new location that you guys add will be gratly appreciated.. Once again thank you very much for the grate job you guys are doing in bringing IdleAir back.”
– Celso Rios

“Even though I’m no longer on the road, I’m really glad to see you are back, keep up the good work(and THANK YOU!).”
– James Root

“I do hope to see more locations opening up in the future. I, as a Owner Operator realize the importance of running an engine for the least amout of time as possible, for not only fuel costs, but for engine life. I will continue to use your services and have found the employees at ones I have visited to be helpful and friendly. I also would like to add, having units for nonsmokers is a refreashing change.”
– Joe Birringer

“On IdleAir wifi now in e.st.louis. The attendant yesterday (about 18:45) was VERY helpful & friendly, to just let ya know.”
– Paul Stotts

“I ♥ IdleAir when i was on the road with my hubby !!!! it was GREAT!!!!!”
– Tracey Van Valkenburgh

“We need about 10,000 of these [IdleAir locations] across the nation.”
– Jay Cozad

“Welcome back! So glad to hear you’re back and under new ownership keep up the great work.”
– Mark Shumaker

“Thank you for your dedicated service!! Thank you to the folks that reinvested into such a wonderful service.”
– Doug Renfro

“Wish yall were set up in more places. I really enjoy yalls service.”
– Aggie Fox Warnock

“My wife and I want to let you know how awesome your guy at the Knoxville TA is! I’m very sorry I don’t remember his name (although my wife did ask him), but he is the most helpful, friendly guy. My wife says to tell you he’s the one who wears the cool plaid shorts! He answered all of our stupid questions, got us started both times, and was very friendly and nice the entire time, even though I’ll bet we were annoying! I’m going to note this on the feedback on your website as well. We never used IdleAir before stopping in Knoxville a couple weeks ago, mainly because we used to have an APU, but now that we don’t, we’re hoping to be able to use your services a lot in the future. Also, the gentleman on your 800 number, even before we stopped at Knoxville was very helpful.”
– Jonathan & Michelle Bush

“For a company driver with no a.p.u , IdleAir has been a blessing. I would say that all the “nay sayers” have probably never tried the service. I, personally, have never had an issue with cigarette smoke and think a lot of it is rumor. If you will notice IdleAir parking lots are more organized and cleaner. To IdleAir I say THANK YOU!”
– Greg Cameron

– Jim Beckes

“I’m glad you guys have been able to get the IdleAir going again. I know it saved me money when I owned my own truck.”
– James Swenson

“When it costs up to $3.90 per hour to idle for the 10, I’d rather spend 2/hr and save the engine wear. No joke in those figures.”
– Earl Milroy

“I was very saddened when IdleAire closed it’s doors but, was HAPPY when the NEW IdleAir begun to open up under the new management. Like all the other IdleAir users who is un-happy with TA / Petro for not keeping IdleAir, I wish I had a choice to buy my fuel elsewhere but my company will not let me. The IdleAir staff I have had contact with are very helpful and will try to make my stay as comfortable as the IdleAir system will let me and that is important in very hot / cold times. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!”
– Manuel Braga

“IdleAir, you guys are awesome! Truckers will appreciate your help in getting them more safe truck parking! Let’s continue 2 help the truckers by using R resources 2 get [Jason’s Law] passed and provide them with parking.”
– @Hotels4Truckers, https://www.hotels4truckers.com/

“I sure hope more locations will be opening soon.”
– Joe Birringer

“I stopped at IdleAir in Jackson, GA last week and it was full. Had to idle away and waste my fuel, need to add more spaces to that location…I was just glad to see everyone was using it.”
– Kevin Gill

“I love IdleAir…we are old customers. Other half has called in advance.”
– Lisa Pawl

“[My husband] really enjoys it! We appreciate what you do for truckers!”
– Brittany, https://thetruckerwife.com/

“We are glad that you’re back in business.”
– George Vandeputte

“First time back staying at an IdleAir location. Last night Jackson Ga TA. Pulled into a spot went over to the office with my old (same) Idleaire card, said to the attendant “hook me up”. He swiped the card, there was my old balance ($35.00) I was good to go. Had a good nights sleep, no trucks idling along side of me, nice. I did not get the guys name there at that location but he was doing a helluva job, hooking people up with new/old service and inserts for the windows.”
– Ray Warner

“[The IdleAir site manager] had one spot close to the office where he parks his car. ( reserved for bobtails) he moved and let me park there and use the service. Having an older truck, my airs not the greatest and I hate to idle my clunker 8 hrs straight after havin driven 11. hats off to the tech. Being leased to Dart, I’m allowed to put the cost on my fuelcard. I like that A LOT!”
– Michael Wayne Stanley

“I use [IdleAir] every time I can. Saved my life in Hurricane Mills, TN last November [2010]. Unbeknownst to me, my heater core had busted, when I went to turn on my heat that afternoon, no heat. By 8 pm, temps had dropped to 20’s. My hands were numb as I hooked up the tube. Thanks IdleAir!!”
– Michael Wayne Stanley

“I was a charter member of IdleAir. Signed up when the first location went online. I am glad to hear it is back up. I now drive local but will gladly let my OTR friends know it’s back up. Great news!”
– Kevin Jewell

“We use [IdleAir] for the WiFi its better than what the trk stops have for the same $$”
– Vickie Yarbrough

“I run hotshot pilot/escort with an F-350 so I don’t get thru truck stops that often any more. [IdleAir is] a good service and glad to see it back.”
– Robert Houghton

“I just wanted to let you know that I stop at the Hurricane Mills, TN location often and use IdleAir and love it and Melissa does a great job and is always there to help. I just wanted to let you know what a great person she is and also let you know what a great job she does.”
– Danny Vicars

“I am presently hooked to IdleAir in Ft Worth TX. The attendant went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. NICE!”
– Howard Wright

“I’m a member of IdleAir and all I got to say is I love it. Especially when your fan motor under the bunk goes out and doesnt blow any cold air in an 80+ degree truck in southern Florida and in Macon, Georgia.”
– Larry Bogard

“I have tremendously enjoyed my stay at the Jackson, GA facility. Got alot of quiet sleep, not trying to sleep with the roar of a generator or engine. I LOVE MY IDLEAIR. I love my IdleAir so much that the pic you see above is my screensaver on my Blackberry…LOL. Need some T-shirts too.”
– Audrey Stowers

“I still have my inserts for a Pete and a KW, got to try it at Knoxville the week they opened it, was really nice.”
– Chuck Shepard

“Tried this when it was still in “trial”, & it was very nice, especially in that W. Memphis heat-my dog was in heaven
😉 It’s very nice to see them supporting The Driver”
– Victoria Tickler

“I didn’t see the post about “electricity only plug in”. Are you going to be able to make those available? We would definately be able to use that option.”
– Lanie Allton

“Im sitting at this site [Laredo, TX] as i type this 🙂 we ♥ IdleAir…im glad more sites are opening up 🙂 cant wait for more in the future”
– Caitlin Alyse Foulkrod

“Cant wait to see Denver up and going again!”
– Doyle Hasten

“I recently stopped in to the pilot in Fort Worth Texas and was able to utilize Idleair and what an experience. The staff was courtesy and professional and pleasant to deal with. They looked up my old membership and I had 28 dollars and change on it! That money has been sitting there for well over 18 months and it was still there! Thanks for the great service and making america & trucking a better place!”
– Seth Ward

“I wish IdleAir was at more truckstops. Seeing how we can not idle our trucks, someone needs to come up with something. It is not right that the people in their fancy offices can go home and sleep where it is nice and cool while drivers have to suffer. It’s not right.”
– Donna Abell

“I recently visited your Bakersfield CA location. I am so happy to see you have returned! More importantly I am completely wowed and impressed by the outstanding service and professionalism of your associate…Please recognize her and send her my thanks and regards for her service and courtesy. A fine asset to your organization! Thanks again for coming back and for employing such wonderful people!”
– Mike Bradshaw

“My company pays for us to use IdleAir so I try to hit them up and I also love that I can watch tv in the privacy of my own truck. I cant wait till u open up the new sites.”
– Amanda Covington-Morrison

“We are Gold level members and have been for some time now. We were so glad to see IdleAir re-open!”
– Ann Burt

“Ya’ll gonna thank IdleAir this summer when your APU aint working and the Wrench at your shop says it aint a Out of Service item so it dont take priority cause we way to busy to fix it.”
– Richard Wilson

“Was wondering if you guys are going to open IdleAir back up in Ontario, CA and Barstow, CA…both TA’s? It is soooooo necessary there. I’m sick of idling my engine. I have an APU, but the starter went out. Anyway, its just not the same. I spent over $800 a few years ago in the summer, from May to October. Might have been more. I’m with Landstar, and we value IdleAir!!! Please bring it back to the major truckstops…Oh yea, the other reason is because of my dog! I can’t leave her in a hot truck. With IdleAir I could have the A/C on and lock everything up. And she was cool. She has an enlarged heart and liver. Can’t take heat.”
– Audrey Stowers

– Audrey Stowers

“APUs are just loud fuel burners, IdleAir on the other hand burns no fuel, and the driver has no maintenance cost with it. Quiet way to stay cool, or warm and keep your trucks fluids happy too.”
– David Talley

“Please hurry and get IdleAire up and running in the states we need them the most…AZ, TX, CA, LA, AL, MS!! I miss the great A/C and the amenities!!!! It makes you feel like your in an apartment. Plus we can both leave the truck together and allow my 14 year old jack russel to stay in a cool truck.”
– Audrey Stowers

“The other night we hooked up the whole night for $14.00. So no matter what people are saying it was cheaper than idling all night. We have only had great service and the crew is great no matter where you stop.”
– Brenda Oppie

“I would like to tell you not only do the semis use your service, the sprinter vans do also. Expedite freight people need cool also! Thanks for coming back we enjoy your service!”
– Mrs. Hardin

“I was once a big IdleAir user, (check the record) but now all of the sites are out of route!!! And with fuel prices headed to the moon I need HELP. My dream is to once again be able to just pull into the truck-stop and hook-up to some good old cool AC and not have to run the truck all night. I look forward to the new expansion of your business.”
– Larry Bembry

“Fuel is a major expense today. Idleair might be the answer drivers. Could be good for all drivers. Look at fuel prices and this is getting cheaper by the minute….Drivers IdleAir is trying to get you what you need and at the price you need it. You might want to check them out to see if you can save some major $$”
– Jr Sampson

“This service is awesome! Much cheaper than idling the truck at a gallon/hr”
– Kris Barrantes

“Knew you’d be back I saved everything! We really need you this summer. Fuel prices so high companys hinting at firing company drivers for high idle! I dont sleep well idling anyway!”
– Margo Mitchell

“IdleAir, Thank you for the best TV on the road!””
– LaWanda Eckert

“@TATravelCenters I think you should work with @IdleAir so they can redeploy the idleair equipment you remove. Don’t destroy it #whatawaste”
– Carl Roseberry

“I’m a driver for FFE. I use to use Idleair’s WiFi because it was faster and better then most truckstops.”
– John Larrabee

“I had a situation where I had an alternator and it was failing. It was cold and it was raining. My wife was with me. The batteries were dying. The Volvo dealer did not open until the next morning. I went to the IdleAir at Doswell, VA and I got a space and hooked up and plugged in and it kept my batteries charged and kept us warm and kept it so the next morning, I could start the truck and drive the 4 miles to the Volvo dealer. If I didn’t have IdleAir, then I would have needed a tow, and IdleAir saved me hundreds of dollars.”
– Michael Ben-Dror

“Welcome back I’ve missed you!!!!!”
– Jeremiah Adams

“I never had a problem with IdleAir, had the best internet speed, good heat, good channels to watch. With wandering WiFi as truckstop WiFi its a waste of money at about 90% of the locations. I was mad when I found out IdleAir shut down. Hope you guys get back up and going again, so I can save some money!”
– Jason Coe

“I am just so glad you guys are back!! I have to tell you, IdleAir saved my life one year. We were running the West coast and broke down in Kingman Arizona. No air and a flat tire. It was 124 degrees out and the pavement was 135 degrees or better. Being from Ohio I had never experienced this. I was truly near death from heat exhaustion. We ended up at Bruce’s in Bakersfield and I spent the next 8 hours in the cool comfort of IdleAir. I truly think, if it were not for IdleAir, I would be dead. Thank you!!!!”
– Anne Constiner Kehoe

“The concept of the IdleAire technology was excellent. Unfortunately the way the business was run…..WAS NOT. I tend to respect those who believe enough in something to take an excellent concept and then show people they know how to do it the right way. Take a lot of guts to do that and I admire it. Like I said, after talking to [IdleAir] I believe they’re going to make it right. Keep posting everything that was wrong, I want to see if they fix them all : ) … I don’t recommend just anyone, and I believe these guys are doing their best to change the wrong way things were done in the past. If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be saying it and risking my reputation.”
– Allen Smith, AskTheTrucker.com

“I worked for a company that picked up the tab for the old IdleAire. I used it any time I could. It could not stop the truck from freezing my butt off in the winter, but my $20 plug-in 115v heater made up for it. I found their internet the best available.”
– Robin Blinn

“I used IdleAir anytime I could find it. I was saving money, more than the 10 or so gallons of diesel that idling all night wastes. I was saving on wear and tear on my engine and batteries cause I would use the 110 to plug my cooler in too. I would like to let other drivers know that IdleAir is a good deal, and does save you money, sleeping comfortably when it is hot out, and if you are connected when it is cold and have a block heater you do not have to worry about the truck not starting at the end of your break.”
– David Talley

“We can all help & recognize that we can make a difference… @IdleAir proved it today on #TruckerTuesday”
– Trucker Desiree

“Very excited to see that IdleAir is taking care of the truckers who make their business possible!”
– Hotels4Truckers.com

“I used IdleAir anytime I could find it. I was saving money, more than the 10 or so gallons of diesel that idling all night wastes. I was saving on wear and tear on my engine and batteries cause I would use the 110 to plug my cooler in too. I would like to let other drivers know that IdleAir is a good deal, and does save you money, sleeping comfortably when it is hot out, and if you are connected when it is cold and have a block heater you do not have to worry about the truck not starting at the end of your break.”
– David Talley

“I hope IdleAir can one day have stalls set up in every truck stop and rest area all across Canada and the USA.”
– Gregory Bie

“I am glad to hear that IdleAir is back. You do provide a much needed service to drivers out there.”
– Virella Watson

“This is a good company with a GREAT idea. Let’s get behind them!”
Seth Ward, The Asphalt Blogger

“Awesome Product!!!”
– Kent Holcomb

“I’m glad to see IdleAir working again, in at least one truck stop I frequent!”
– Lee Hartman

“Very glad to see you guys making a come back!”
– Debbi Ellsworth

“Just want to let you know what a great value IdleAir is in this day of $3.50 plus fuel. Quite a bargain for the heat and cooling capabilities alone. Add in the TV and 120V outlets, and it is unbeatable!”
– Daryl Salek