Earn Pilot MyRewards

2014-10-16 MyRewards and IdleAir

Start earning points today! Call IdleAir Customer Support at
(877) 738-7024 and we’ll set you up over the phone.

IdleAir customers earn Convoy Points™ by purchasing IdleAir products and services. Redeem your Convoy Points in the Convoy Store for a growing selection of items, including IdleAir service credits and Pilot MyRewards Points.

For a limited time and at select IdleAir terminal locations, customers can earn 3X Convoy Points, which can be redeemed for Pilot MyRewards points.

You can redeem 1 Convoy Point for 1 Pilot MyRewards point. Redemptions for MyRewards points require a minimum of 200 Convoy Points, and are redeemed in increments of 50 points. You will need to provide your MyRewards card number to complete the transaction.

2014-09-09 Convoy Points Logo See Convoy Points Balance & Redeem for MyRewards Points
2014-09-09 Convoy Points Logo How to Earn Convoy Points
2014-09-09 Convoy Points Logo See program details at IdleAir.com/convoypoints
Pilot MyRewards Visit the official Pilot MyRewards site