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Whether you own five trucks or a thousand, IdleAir is guaranteed to help solve more of your problems than any other idling alternative.

No capital investment. Start using IdleAir today with no capital investment.

Instant savings. The second your drivers turn off their engines, you’re saving fuel — and money.

Special Discounts. Fleets that sign up with IdleAir may receive special promotional pricing and additional benefits, such as the convenience of having your drivers pay with corporate fleet cards.

No loss on investment. If you install an APU on a new truck, and then sell it 5 years later after half a million miles, you lose money on the APU because it won’t add much value to the resale price of the truck.

No commitment. Stop using IdleAir anytime you like, such as during comfortable weather in the Spring and Fall.

No weight limit limitations. Just about each state has a different law about truck weight limit exceptions for APU’s. IdleAir saves you from the headaches of APU weight limitations.

Better data. IdleAir provides you with better data for better managing your fuel and operating costs.

Competitive advantage. How will you stay competitive with other fleets that can lower their costs by using IdleAir?

Save Money By Reducing:

  • Fuel costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Driver Turnover
  • Accident Costs

IdleAir Fleet and Driver Education Tools

We developed many materials to assist you with implementation of IdleAir services across your fleet. These materials can be copied or reproduced as needed. Please contact IdleAir for questions, assistance or to order DVDs, CDs or other materials. Call us at (877) 738-7024 or email us at

Please visit our IdleAir Downloads page to see the materials.

• Whether at truck stops, fleet terminals, distribution terminals, border crossings or ports, IdleAir’s idling elimination system helps you manage your fuel, maintenance costs, engine wear and tear costs and emissions – and eliminate those associated with extended idling – by allowing your drivers to totally avoid ANY consumption of fuel.
• Fleet owners avoid all risk (capital cost, service life, maintenance, warranty, disposal, etc.) associated with other idling alternatives on the market. The only truck “retrofit” is a $5 window adapter. IdleAir operates and maintains the system – and has the operational track record to prove it.

Driver Retention & Recruitment
• IdleAir is unique in that it is a driver benefit that saves the fleet money in direct proportion to how much drivers use it. An increasing number of fleets have discovered and are taking advantage of that fact.
• The IdleAir system makes an immediate and profound difference in a driver’s quality of life. While IdleAir allows any long-haul truck to stop idling immediately, we are the only alternative that simultaneously provides a suite of communications and entertainment amenities to drivers for both fleet and driver benefit.
• Using their respective fleet’s fuel card, drivers pay for basic services (filtered heating and air conditioning, electrical “shorepower” outlets, Internet and Satellite TV channels). Drivers can then individually purchase our optional advanced features, including high-speed Internet connectivity for their personal computers via a wired Ethernet connection or Wireless (WiFi) connection.