For Drivers

IdleAir can’t solve all your problems on the road, but we can certainly help when it comes to your comfort and your health, and we give you entertainment and communications services so you can really enjoy your home away from home.

Drivers get instant savings.
IdleAir savings start immediately. The second you connect to IdleAir and shut off your engine, you’re saving money and enjoying more of the comforts of home, especially a quiet, better sleep. Unlike APU’s, IdleAir pays for itself immediately, with no up front capital, and no commitment.

Drivers get heating and cooling.
IdleAir gives you a powerful heating and cooling air system, just like at home. Now you can shut off your engine and sleep better without the noise, vibration, and stack gases from idling.

Drivers get electricity.
IdleAir gives you standard AC electric service both inside and outside your cab. You can plug in block heaters, phone and laptop chargers, and any other accessories.

Drivers get Satellite TV and basic internet.
IdleAir gives you satellite TV and free basic internet. Stay connected with friends and family, and enjoy your favorite sports, news, and Weather Channel programs. Drivers can also upgrade to high-speed internet and WiFi.

Drivers get to Buy American
Buy American: Engine Off, IdleAir On. IdleAir is good for America. The energy that IdleAir uses comes from American resources, like coal, gas, wind, and more. You can help Buy American with IdleAir, and avoid idling engines and APU’s that burn foreign oil.

Drivers get to extend engine life.
Trucking is hard work. Let your truck take a rest when you do. Idling costs you wear and tear, overhauls, and downtime. Save your engine for when you really need it – on the road.

Drivers get better sleep.
Drivers get a better night sleep because it’s quiet, there’s no vibration, and you’re not breathing in all the stack gases. Rested drivers are safer drivers. Our studies have shown that the quality of driver rest while using IdleAir rivals the rest environment at home, and is much higher in the context of “deep sleep” than that acquired in an idling truck … which is why a driver’s first comment to us is “That’s the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had on the road.”

Drivers get service and support.
Our friendly site representatives are there to assist you with hooking up, printing receipts, and much more! You can find the IdleAir site representatives in the IdleAir office or on the lot wearing reflective IdleAir vests. Our staff are trained to report criminal activity, and are available to make your visit as safe and comfortable as possible.

Drivers get more comfort.
Individually controlled central heating and air conditioning (65 to 85 degrees) allows you to turn off your truck and remain completely comfortable inside your cab. No noise. No vibration. No fumes. Pure comfort. Household electrical outlets inside and outside the cab for appliances, entertainment devices, block/fuel heaters, and more.

Drivers get better health.
IdleAir’s heating and air conditioning system is a closed, filtered system, which draws air from inside your cab (not the outside) and filters it about once every minute. This makes the air you breathe inside your cab much cleaner and healthier than the air you breathe outside your cab. As your cab’s air is filtered and then heated or cooled, it is also subjected to an ultraviolet light treatment that immediately kills viruses, bacteria, spores, etc. IdleAir provides one of the most sanitary air handling systems available anywhere.