Introducing: ACME, LLC

We get it. We know how it is trying to collect your money, get directions, find the next load, get repairs, find shops, find hotels, deal with home, do paperwork, fill out broker packets, transmit paperwork, get copies of insurance, send copies of insurance, receive money, send money, update USDOT information, get permits, UCC filings, prepare for USDOT audits, and more. You have to take care of all these things in addition to actually operating 80,000 lbs. between locations safely and securely. If that isn’t enough, you must remain compliant with various state laws, deal with ports of entry, get permits, and make sure you relate compliantly with the United States Department of Transportation. We get it!

There’s so much to do and that’s why it takes a resilient person to be able to deal with all the rules, regulations, and frustrations of owning a business in the trucking industry. At ACME, we understand how hard it is to make sure all your t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted, and run a profitable trucking company. Maintaining positive cash flow can be a challenge as it’s difficult just to keep up with operations, let alone the flow of your money and where it is in the process at different times.

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