For the Environment

IdleAir saves 1 gallon of diesel per truck per hour. Together, we save millions of tons of dangerous emissions from polluting America’s environment and contributing to climate change. Our neighbors and communities are healthier and safer as a result.

Immediate Air Quality Improvements
Because a $5 window adapter is the only retrofit required for virtually any long-haul truck on the road to use it, the IdleAir system makes immediate, quantifiable improvements in an individual community’s air quality.

Energy Efficiency
IdleAir uses only one tenth the energy used by idling. Ten trucks hooked up to IdleAir use the same amount of energy as one truck idling. That savings is good for American wallets, health, and environment.

Energy Independence
IdleAir uses American energy resources, like coal, nuclear, gas, wind, and more. Idling and APU’s burn foreign oil. Keep American dollars here at home, and Buy American by using IdleAir.

Energy Sustainability
IdleAir is developing renewable energy resources to use in providing our services. We’re planning to install solar panels and even geothermal energy. Renewable energy creates American jobs, is good for the environment, and keeps American dollars here at home.