In Development: Service Module Version 4 and Space Management

New SM4—Convoy Solutions is pleased to announce two new exciting projects that are currently underway in our Research and Development department. Firstly, the new “SM4” concept is about realigning the services we offer with current technology and the needs of our customer. With one simple key pad, you’ll be able to activate our existing HVAC system, TV, Ethernet services, as well as 110 power. The design of the new SM4 is based on items trucker use every day like ATMs and Gas pumps.

While eliminating the touch screen, SM4 allows drivers the same access as previous SM versions, without the unnecessary LCD screen and with simpler electronics running in the background. By not having a complex computer inside the SM that can impede the service, this means less service interruptions and less needed repairs. Phase 1 of our deployment plan begins this Summer. We are excited to minimize failures and provide a “more robust and less likely to bust” IdleAir!

Space Management – Also, we have listened to our customers’ needs and frustrations, and our second innovation is sure to alleviate one of the top issues. Obviously, when a driver pulls into a space, it is important that that service module is in complete working order. If it isn’t, the driver would need to move spaces which can be inconvenient and problematic. Our R&D team has a solution! There will be red and green lights mounted on the truss above the space. This will indicate whether the space is working or not. Our Customer Service department will be able to control these lights remotely, allowing for instant status changes. Problem solved!