Big Happenings South of the Border

Ethan Garber, CEO of IdleAir, recently shared impressions from his cross-border trip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Ethan said:

“Had a great trip to Nuevo Laredo with Edgar Canamar, our former customer and now Director of Mexican Fleet Sales for IdleAir Mexico.

We visited the fleet manager and other executives at FEMA, a 500+ truck fleet that does a significant amount of cross border traffic and even has their own small yard in Laredo, TX. We are hoping to install a single 38 space row at their Nuevo Laredo facility which is nearly across the street from our 24 space facility with EGOBA.”

Alberto Vasquez (pictured left) is the maintenance manager of FEMA’s Nuevo Laredo yard which has its own garage, fueling and parking for over 200 tractors and is seen here with IdleAir’s Edgar Canamar.

“We also visited EGOBA, where Edgar was formerly the terminal manager and while working with Troy’s Hadley’s Laredo,TX IdleAir team, he was able to average 20 hours/day of IdleAir usage during the hottest months. Getting utilization this high means maximizing the value of fuel and maintenance savings for our fleet customers while keeping drivers happy and comfortable.

We are planning our third expansion of EGOBA’s facility to 48 spaces later this spring.”

EGOBA’s IdleAir Terminal Facility

“We also visited the Nuevo Laredo office of CenSaCar, one of Mexico’s largest trucking associations. CenSaCar hosted our fleet seminar on idle reduction opportunities last April with Amer Siddiqui and Edgar Canamar representing IdleAir.

We plan to move into a small office at CenSaCar next month and have also proposed installing a public-use 16 space IdleAir installation at their facility.

There are also high probability plans to launch several more 20+ space fleet terminals in Nuevo Laredo and other truck-centric border-cities in Mexico.

With Diesel prices at 17 pesos/litre, or $3.50/gallon, we have an even stronger value proposition in Mexico than with our core fleet customers in the USA.“

“There is a massive opportunity for IdleAir to serve fleets and drivers in Mexico.”