IdleAir Team Spotlight: Customer Support

IdleAir has always been proud to offer quality Customer Support through our locally-based team here at our national headquarters. As we are continuing to improve, our team is very excited about the year ahead!

Composed of new, exciting team members as well as seasoned vets, our team will handle any issue that comes through the phone line. Supporting both internal and external requests, each team member is trained to handle each issue with care, always trying to resolve the matter completely on the first call.

As the list of IdleAir sites continues to expand this year, so will the team, especially to accommodate our heavier summer call volume. This year also promises a new end-user interface which will give the team even more assistance tools and improve the customer experience even more. With such a great core team in place, and new technological improvements and initiatives on the horizon, it’s an exciting time to be part of the IdleAir brand!

As always, we encourage customers and everyone with questions, comments, or suggestions about our IdleAir service to contact our Customer Support team at 877-738-7024. Whatever the reason, please don’t hesitate to give them a call. They’ll be glad to help!

Carol Myers
Director of Corporate Operations
Convoy Solutions, LLC dba IdleAir