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WE NEED YOUR HELP. IdleAir staff constantly hear important information from customers and have great ideas about how to improve our services and make IdleAir a better, more efficient, more profitable company. Please tell us anything that you think is important, and that we as a company should know about. Even if it's unconfirmed information, please pass it along.
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Master Maintenance Checklist – Space PM’s

Fleet Lead Form for Fleet Referral Incentive
Adapters Requested for New Truck Types

Fleet Services & Support:

US DOT Fleet Look-Up (https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov)
Fleets Signed Up with IdleAir (Microsoft Excel .xls)
Fleets Signed Up with IdleAir (Adobe Reader .pdf)
IdleAir APU Count PDF
IdleAir APU Count XLS
IdleAir Weekly Fleet Count PDF
IdleAir Weekly Fleet Count XLS
Letter for Company Drivers to Take to their Fleets

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Craig Fahle Show on WDET FM (January 30, 2013): David Tulauskas of GM: Reducing Truckers’ Carbon Footprinthttps://wdetfm.org/shows/craig-fahle-show/episode/david-tulauskas-gm-sustainability-trucker-idling/https://youtu.be/Zh_aX6lZuTo
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