Feb 13, 2015

New ConvoyTV+Power Discount

2015-02-13 CTV Package 3 285x95

February 12, 2015

IdleAir now offers a new discount package for ConvoyTV+Power™, which includes:

• Up to 10 hours of ConvoyTV+Power (120V, DIRECTV, basic Internet)
• Up to 24 hours of Broadband (WiFi and Ethernet, where available)

The new discount package is available for a flat-fee of $12.50 +tax, which is a 35% discount off the retail price. Purchase the package with your IdleAir member card, Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX. To access the bundled IdleAir Broadband, customers must contact Customer Support at (877) 738-7024 or info@idleair.com.

The new ConvoyTV+Power package is a deep-value savings bundle that helps IdleAir customers save over 50% vs. the cost of idling. The package is perfect for overnight visits during the winter. Customers with bunk heaters can stay warm and still access 120V power and entertainment. Customers can also purchase a safe, portable 120V electric space heater from IdleAir and participating travel centers.