Oct 21, 2013

IdleAir Introduces New Package for 34-Hour Resets

2013-11-15 Reset Special - Option 1

IdleAir 40-Hour Reset Special

The Reset Special includes up to 40 hours of IdleAir Premium Service for a flat fee of $50.00 plus tax (prices may vary by location). IdleAir Premium Service includes heat, air conditioning, 120V power, DIRECTV, and basic Internet.

The Reset Special will be available at select locations and for a limited time only. Customers can select the Reset Special at the beginning of their visits, when selecting an IdleAir service.

The new package delivers great value to drivers, who pay as little as $1.25 per hour for IdleAir Premium Service. Drivers staying longer than the first 40 hours in a continuous visit automatically receive the IdleAir Extended Stay rate of $1.69 per hour for the remainder of their visits.

Not only is the Reset Special a great value for drivers taking their 34-hour resets, but it’s also perfect for drivers who shut down for the weekend while waiting for a load or a delivery. The Reset Special is ideal for drivers with a battery APU, because with IdleAir, they can plug in and stay powered up throughout their reset.

IdleAir Premium Service saves drivers half the cost of idling, and now the Reset Special saves drivers half the cost of a hotel.

IdleAir supports American energy independence by using homegrown electric power from domestic energy resources.