Mar 13, 2011

IdleAir “Basic Service” is Now “Premium Service”: Includes ESPN Sports Package

Sunday, March 13, 2011

For Immediate Release:

IdleAir is changing the name of our “Basic Service” to “Premium Service”. The price remains exactly the same, at $1.99 per hour. The name change applies to our full package of services, which include heating/cooling, standard electric inside and outside the cab, Satellite TV, and Internet on the touch-screen control. Premium Service includes all the previous features of our Basic Service, and now includes the Sports TV Package (6 ESPN channels) at no additional charge. IdleAir plans to offer more channels and features before the Summer.

It’s the same great service, at the same price, but with a new name – and now it also includes the ESPN Sports package for free!

IdleAir is changing the name of our full package of features to “Premium Service” because we will soon be offering individually priced services, such as electricity, satellite TV, and conditioned air separately.

The “Premium Service” name will help distinguish this premium package of services from the individual services drivers have been requesting for years. IdleAir is proud to introduce these new features and services, and the name change is the beginning of this process.

There are 9 IdleAir locations with a special Grand Opening promotion price of $1.25 per hour for Premium Service, through April 30, 2011. Premium Service will continue to be free on Tuesdays in March at 9 IdleAir locations for the “Trucking Tuesdays” promotion. The new Premium Service will seamlessly replace the Basic Service for our volume fleet pricing plans. All customer accounts will continue to be billed at exactly the same rates as they have been for “Basic Service”, but statements will instead read, “Premium Service”.

“We’re excited to offer new services and pricing options to our customers, and we’re very excited to include the ESPN Sports Package at no additional charge. Changing the name from Basic Service to Premium Service is just another way of highlighting the great value and savings that IdleAir offers our customers every day,” said IdleAir President, Mike Fielden.