New IdleAir Service Package

TV • 120V Power • Basic Internet
Only $1.49/hr

ConvoyTV+Power™ Includes:
• Over 45 Channels of DIRECTV, including ESPN
• 120V Power with 4 Inside Outlets and 2 Outside Outlets
• Basic Internet on the Touchscreen
• Earn 1 Convoy Point™ per hour of purchased service
• Earn 25 Convoy Points™ for every 8 hours of continuous service

ConvoyTV+Power™ Service Details:
• ConvoyTV+Power™ is only $1.49/hr +tax. Save up to 12% — less than $1.31/hr — for ConvoyTV+Power™ by combining “5 Over 50” and other VIP discounts to pre-pay for service.
• ConvoyTV+Power™ is available for a limited time at select locations. The service is not available for purchase through fleet cards. Customers can purchase ConvoyTV+Power™ using a Member Card, or a Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX credit card.
• ConvoyTV+Power™ and Premium Service are separate services, and are charged as separate visits.
• IdleAir Broadband purchases are separate, so customers can switch between ConvoyTV+Power™ and Premium Service, and still enjoy their IdleAir Broadband purchase.
• For additional information, please visit:

Get Started: Ask an IdleAir Site Representative or call IdleAir Customer Support at (877) 738-7024.

Please be courteous to your neighbors by not idling in the IdleAir Quiet Zone.