Mar 07, 2011

Truck Driver Rescues Basset Hound – With a Helping Paw from IdleAir

By Matt K.
IdleAir Site Manager at Myerstown, PA

It’s not at all uncommon to see a dog at a truck stop. They make excellent companions and co-pilots for those guys and gals who are the road driving America’s business every day. Unfortunately, this day there was a dog on this lot that had no truck to call home.

This was the case for a basset hound that was left abandoned, chained to a pillar, in the middle of the chaotic fuel island at the Frystown All American in Myerstown, PA. About the only good thing this dog’s previous owners did for him were to chain him at this particular truck stop on this particular day.

This day, I was outside working on keeping my spaces running properly and all the time I could hear the bellowing loud bark which is almost always indicative of a basset hound. This is not at all alarming because of the high amount of “co-pilot” pups that can easily be found at a truck stop.

After a few hours I couldn’t get the idea that this wasn’t someone’s beloved pet chained out to get some exercise while his owners took care of whatever business in the travel center. Still, I dared not approach him, because I know I’d be taking home a basset hound that night, an act of generosity my dog would surely not approve of. About the only thing I could think to do was ask around to drivers to see if they wanted to take him, or do leave him there until I could get him to a shelter after my shift. A short time later I noticed a driver, who was using our IdleAir service; poke his head out of his truck. As I was walking by the driver I asked “Do you want a dog by chance?” in a half joking manner. To my shock, the response was “Where!?” which was not the answer I was expecting. I pointed the poor pup out to the driver and he walked to the travel center in haste. About 3 minutes later, the driver returned to his truck, with the skinny, dirty basset in toe!

At that point the driver, David, a long time IdleAir member, informed me that his wife ran a small dog rescue in Wisconsin, which was perfect for the dog to go to, to recover and get a chance to find a better life. I quickly named him “Flash”, after the extremely mellow basset hound sidekick of “Rosco” on the classic TV show “The Dukes of Hazard” and made sure he had food, and kindly thanked the driver.

Flash now resides in the loving care of Judy at the Rosholt Small Dog Rescue in Wisconsin, and is in recovery from his ordeal but unfortunately is suffering from a very bad ear infection, which is going to require some expensive medical treatment to get him well. Flash is very good with other dogs and does well with cats. He does well in a truck and would be good as a “co-pilot” for a driver in need of one or as a family dog. Dave reports that he particularly likes IdleAir as well and curls up right under the Service Module and falls asleep. He also seems to be house and truck broken, and will let you know when he has to go to the bathroom. Dave reports that he seems pretty smart as well, and had him learning tricks before the 4 day trip home was over.

Donations are currently being accepted to help with Flash’s vet bills by contacting Amherst Vet Hospital at 715-824-2545 or if you or someone you know would like to give Flash a permanent home, please contact Judy at or