Jun 09, 2011

TheTruckerWife.com: “A Trucker’s Dream: IdleAir Review”


If you are a trucker, wife of a trucker, or family or friend of one, and they have used IdleAir then you probably heard about it! I know when my husband first found out about it he could not believe all that they offered! He is always in search of a IdleAir location when he is parking his truck for the night, and especially if it’s a long weekend!

My husband talked about IdleAir for weeks after his discovery! He discovered IdleAir one weekend when he had an unexpected delay, and had to stay out for the weekend. He had not planned on being stuck out for the weekend, so he was not sure what he would do with his time. (Plus, it was about 15 degrees outside!) My husband is one of those people who can talk to anyone, so he went up to the IdleAir guys and started asking questions. The representatives were very helpful, and explained everything to him! He called me so happy and excited to let me know that he would NOT be bored! We do not have cable or satellite TV at our house because I don’t feel it’s worth they money, so I am pretty sure he soaked up lots of ESPN TV time! LOL :)

IdleAir provides truckers with HVAC, electric (inside & outside of the truck), 60+ channels of satellite tv & basic internet capabilities!

These services DO NOT require you to have a computer in your rig!

IdleAir provides you with this service module! (pictured below)

The service module allows you to have:

  • Internet Capabilities (screen built in with basic browsing capabilities – no sound)
  • Satellite TV Hook Up (Channels show up on the module screen for you to choose from)
  • Temperature Control (Heat & Air)
  • USB Port
  • Several Plug ins for TV,phone charger, lap top or whatever else you may want to plug in

**For an extra cost you can have Wi- Fi Service for your lap top or other wireless device!


Therefore, IdleAir pays for itself! Cutting down on idle time = cutting down costs! (especially with soaring gas prices!!)

What does it cost?!:

For starters if you are new to IdleAir you will want to check out this promotion!

Promotion Details:

Become a VIP member, and load $20 (transfer, etc) to your IdleAir account and you will get a $10 credit added to your IdleAir Member account (card). This promotion is available ONE-TIME ONLY per customer.

1. VIP Member loads $20 to their IdleAir Member account (card) via transfer or otherwise
2. Customer calls Customer Service at (877) 738-7024
3. Customer Service verifies the funds were loaded via the transaction on the account
4. Customer Service applies a $10 credit to the customer’s member account (card)

Price Breakdown:

IdleAir Location Price/Hour +local tax
AR – Benton (Malvern) – JJ’s Truck Stop – I-30, Exit 106 $1.99
AR – West Memphis – Pilot Travel Center – I-40, Exit 280 $1.99
CA – Bakersfield – Bruce’s Truck Stop – CA-99, Exit CA-58 (Weedpatch Hwy) $1.99
CA – Madera – Pilot Travel Center – CA-99, Exit 159 (Ave 18-1/2, Road 23) $1.99
CA – Ripon – Love’s Travel Stops – CA-99 to Ripon to S Murphy Rd to Colony Rd $1.99
GA – Jackson – TA (franchise) – I-75, Exit 201 (GA 36E) $1.99
GA – Newnan – Pilot Travel Center – I-85, Exit 41 $1.99
IL – East St. Louis – Pilot Travel Center – I-70 / I-55, Exit 4 $1.99
MO – Boonville – Pilot Travel Center – I-70, Exit 101 $1.99
PA – Myerstown – Frystown All American – I-78, Exit 10 $1.99
PA – Breezewood – All American Plaza – I-76 / I-70, Exit 161, Rte 30 W (Lincoln Hwy) $1.99
TN – Hurricane Mills – Pilot Travel Center – I-40, Exit 143 (TN 13 NW) $1.99
TN – Knoxville – TA (franchise) – I-40 / I-75, Exit 369 (Watt Rd) $1.99
TX – El Paso – Flying J Plaza – I-10, Exit 37 $1.99
TX – El Paso – Love’s Travel Stops – I-10, Exit 37 (Horizon Blvd) $1.99
TX – Fort Worth – Pilot Travel Center – I-35 W, Exit 65 $1.99
TX – Laredo – Pilot Travel Center – I-35, Exit 13 $1.99
TX – Baytown – Love’s Travel Stop – I-10, Exit 789 $1.99
TX – Orange – Pilot Travel Center – I-10, Exit 873 (TX 62) $1.99
UT – Salt Lake City – Sapp Brothers – I-215, Exit 21/California Ave $1.99

(So, if you are a first time customer you will get essentially 15 hours of IdleAir time for only $20!) Your time stays on your card, so don’t worry about losing it because you can use it as little or as much as you want.

Internet & Telecommunications

Service Price +local tax
High Speed Wired Internet (using Ethernet CAT5/6 cable) – Per Visit $2.95
Wireless Internet (WiFi) – 1 Hour $1.50
Wireless Internet (WiFi) – 1 Day (24 Hours) $4.25
Wireless Internet (WiFi) – 1 Month (30 Days) $19.95
Wireless Internet (WiFi) – 1 Year (365 Days) $125.00

If you are at an IdleAir location there is always on-site representatives to help you with questions or concerns!

If your truck dies while using their service they promise to jump start your truck for you, but I do not know anyone who has had this problem.

If you have any other questions or concerns you can check out their website HERE!

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**This my review of IdleAir, and everything posted is my own opinion