Mar 25, 2011

IdleAir Releases New Video, “The IdleAir Story”

The IdleAir Story from COMPLICATED, INC on Vimeo.

IdleAir Releases New Video About Past, Present, and Future IdleAir

Friday March 25, 2011

For Immediate Release:

IdleAir released a five-minute video that looks at the need for idling alternatives, and how this market demand gave rise to IdleAire. The video explains the transition from the former IdleAire to the new IdleAir, and then looks at current projects and future plans for the company.

“We were receiving so many good questions about IdleAir, we realized quickly that we needed to give a thorough answer to many different people. IdleAir developed this video to help answer those questions in a way that explains the historical context of the former IdleAire, and what the new IdleAir is doing to reduce costs, increase value, and improve and expand services,” said IdleAir CEO, Ethan Garber.

IdleAir Releases New Video, “The IdleAir Story”