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Tue Apr 22 2014

IdleAir App Now Available for Android

2014-04-22 IdleAir App for Android

Download the new IdleAir app from the Google Play Store, and start enjoying IdleAir even more! The FREE app includes these features and more:

• find nearby locations
• save your favorite locations
• log in to your account to change TV channels
• shop for rewards in the Convoy Store
• redeem your Convoy Points™
• see the newest special offers and promotions
• 1-button calls Customer Support – call now to hold your spot!

Download the IdleAir App for Android here:

Android App on Google Play

Download the IdleAir App for iPhone here:

Available on iPhone App Store

Mon Oct 21 2013

IdleAir Introduces New Package for 34-Hour Resets

2013-11-15 Reset Special - Option 1

IdleAir 40-Hour Reset Special

The Reset Special includes up to 40 hours of IdleAir Premium Service for a flat fee of $50.00 plus tax (prices may vary by location). IdleAir Premium Service includes heat, air conditioning, 120V power, DIRECTV, and basic Internet.

The Reset Special will be available at select locations and for a limited time only. Customers can select the Reset Special at the beginning of their visits, when selecting an IdleAir service.

The new package delivers great value to drivers, who pay as little as $1.25 per hour for IdleAir Premium Service. Drivers staying longer than the first 40 hours in a continuous visit automatically receive the IdleAir Extended Stay rate of $1.69 per hour for the remainder of their visits.

Not only is the Reset Special a great value for drivers taking their 34-hour resets, but it’s also perfect for drivers who shut down for the weekend while waiting for a load or a delivery. The Reset Special is ideal for drivers with a battery APU, because with IdleAir, they can plug in and stay powered up throughout their reset.

IdleAir Premium Service saves drivers half the cost of idling, and now the Reset Special saves drivers half the cost of a hotel.

IdleAir supports American energy independence by using homegrown electric power from domestic energy resources.

Mon May 20 2013

IdleAir Matching Program for the St. Christopher Fund

2013-05-20 SCF and IdleAir Decal Image 2

St. Christopher Fund Welcomes New Silver Sponsor & New IdleAir Matching Program

Knoxville, TN — May 20, 2013 — Not only has IdleAir become the newest silver sponsor of The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund, they have also initiated a unique matching program.

IdleAir, a Knoxville based company, provides truck drivers with an alternative to idling their engines during rest periods. IdleAir service allows drivers to turn off their diesel engines and APUs while still enjoying heating, cooling, 120V power inside and outside the cab, DirecTV, and Internet access—all while saving money and getting better sleep without the noise and vibration from idling. IdleAir supports American energy independence by using homegrown electric power from domestic resources.

IdleAir customers earn Convoy Points™ by using IdleAir services. Convoy Points™ are redeemable for discounted IdleAir services as well as select national retailers, including the major travel center chains. Any time a customer redeems over 100 points for the SCF, IdleAir will match the donation 100%. As an added bonus, any customer redeeming any amount of Convoy Points™ for the SCF will receive an all-weather SCF/IdleAir supporter decal for their truck.

“We want to amplify the voice and impact of our customers through IdleAir’s unlimited matching program,” said Ethan Garber, IdleAir CEO. IdleAir’s Chief Listening Officer, Jeff Maurer, added, “IdleAir is pleased to partner with the St. Christopher Fund to help America’s professional drivers in need of assistance. IdleAir is proud to support The St. Christopher Fund, and the important work they do to assist drivers in times of need.” IdleAir customers can now redeem their Convoy Points™ for the SCF, and double their donations with IdleAir’s 100% matching program.

Dr. Donna Kennedy, Executive Director of the SCF, stated, “We think IdleAir is a great company with a worthy focus on saving drivers money while improving their sleep and protecting their health. We are happy to have IdleAir on board as a new sponsor and we look forward to seeing how the matching program works.”

The St. Christopher Fund:
Saving Lives and Families, One Driver at a Time

About the St. Christopher Fund
The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund (SCF) is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance to professional truck drivers whose medical problems led to financial difficulty. Assistance includes help negotiating doctor/hospital bills, finding local resources, and paying for expenses such as mortgage, utility, car payments, and prescriptions. All donations to the Fund are tax-deductible. For more information, please visit or call 865-202-9428.

About IdleAir
IdleAir, a division of Convoy Solutions LLC, is the largest provider of Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) services at major travel centers, and currently operates at more than 30 travel center locations in 12 states. IdleAir enables truck drivers to eliminate engine idling or running APUs while enjoying air conditioning, heating, 120V electricity, high-speed Internet, and DirecTV. At less than half the cost of idling, IdleAir helps truck drivers sleep better and save money while reducing emissions. IdleAir supports American energy independence by using homegrown electric power from domestic resources. For more information, please visit or call 877-738-7024.

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Tue Feb 05 2013

Chevrolet Supports Project to Help Truckers Avoid Idling

2013-02-08 Chevrolet Logo


Nearly 7 million metric tons of carbon committed toward 8 million metric ton goal

January 29, 2013

DETROIT – Chevrolet is supporting a project to help long-haul truckers avoid idling during rest breaks at truck stops through a technology that maintains a comfortable cabin temperature and powers a TV, laptop or microwave without emitting the carbon dioxide emissions that come from engine idling.

The IdleAir project is one of many innovative carbon-reduction projects across America where Chevrolet is making an impact on local communities, jobs and the environment. The brand is supporting various energy efficiency, renewable energy and conservation initiatives in its goal to prevent up to 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the earth’s atmosphere. To date, it has secured commitments for nearly 7 million metric tons.

With Chevrolet’s help, IdleAir can further expand availability of its engine-idling alternative. With the service, a driver pulls into an IdleAir space and installs a reusable plastic window adapter that accepts a unit connecting his or her cab to a heating and cooling air vent, TV, power outlets, internet and other conveniences. The truck engine can then be turned off, saving fuel, reducing emissions and keeping power on to the big rig’s amenities.

“IdleAir enables drivers to enjoy a better environment inside and outside of the cabin, without the noise, vibration, and exhaust fumes from idling,” said IdleAir CEO Ethan Garber. “By expanding access to this option throughout America, communities experience cleaner air, reduced noise pollution, local job creation, and an increased tax base for the local economy.”

IdleAir users save a gallon of diesel fuel per truck per hour. Drivers typically rest at night, so IdleAir uses off-peak power and has begun installing solar panels on some of its overhead trusses to provide solar-powered electricity.

“Chevrolet’s significant investment is driving innovation and encouraging unique ways for the country to sustain cleaner energy and, ultimately, reduce the effects of climate change,” said Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group.

Chevrolet was the largest corporate buyer of voluntary carbon reduction credits in the United States by volume for 2011 as tracked by Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace, a nonprofit source of environmental news and data.

“If we want to leave the world a better place, we need to change the way we do things,” said David Tulauskas, GM sustainability director and manager of the Chevrolet carbon-reduction initiative. “Climate change, population growth, urbanization and other issues require our industry to transform itself. We are going beyond our traditional scope of responsibility – building efficient vehicles – into these community-based carbon-reduction projects to help demonstrate our commitment.”

Other recent project investments include:

• Bethlehem forest management in Pennsylvania – Collaborating with The Nature Conservancy to manage about 20,000 acres of forest to improve forest ecosystem habitats and produce a long-term supply of timber for local mills.

• Dempsey Ridge wind farm in Oklahoma – Investing in a 132MW project featuring 66 wind turbines on 7,500 acres of agricultural and grazing land.

• Gualala River improved forest management projects in California – Managing a 13,913 acre tract by avoiding commercial timber harvesting and allowing existing trees to grow.
Projects must be reviewed, validated and verified before the investment is completed. Actual carbon reductions take place between 2010 and 2014.

About Chevrolet
Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4.5 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design, and high quality. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at


Source: Chevrolet
Click here to download a printable .pdf copy of this press release.

Mon Dec 31 2012


January 2, 2013:

KNOXVILLE, TN: IdleAir, the leading truck stop electrification (TSE) service provider, has added a new entertainment package, ConvoyTV+Power™. ConvoyTV+Power™ service includes more than 45 channels of DIRECTV (including ESPN), 120V electricity inside and outside the cab, and basic Internet access on the IdleAir touchscreen.

Beginning January 16, 2013, ConvoyTV+Power™ will be offered at a flat $1.49 per hour (plus tax), and available through IdleAir member cards.

ConvoyTV+Power™ is the second service package offered by IdleAir, and customers may choose either ConvoyTV+Power™ or Premium Service, which includes heat, air conditioning, DIRECTV, 120V electricity, and basic Internet access on the touchscreen.

Professional drivers and fleets will continue to enjoy Premium Service at all IdleAir locations, using the same member card and fleet card options they have used previously.

Customers will earn Convoy Points™ when purchasing ConvoyTV+Power™: 1 point per hour plus 25 points for every 8 hours of continuous use. Customers who take advantage of all IdleAir discounts and promotions receive a combined 12% discount, effectively paying only $1.31 per hour for ConvoyTV+Power™.

“For years, customers have asked for additional service packages,” says Ethan Garber, IdleAir CEO. “With ConvoyTV+Power™, we deliver on this promise to our customers. At $1.49 per hour, the new ConvoyTV+Power™ is an especially good value for drivers who asked for unbundled access to electricity and Internet, and access to their favorite sports on satellite TV.”

IdleAir supports American energy independence by using homegrown electric power from domestic energy resources.

Sun Jun 03 2012

Knoxville News Sentinel: IdleAir Keeps On Truckin’


Originally published here:

By Josh Flory
Published Sunday, June 3, 2012

Photo by Adam Brimer
IdleAir faces plenty of the challenges that come with running an early-stage business,but it isn’t exactly a start-up. Instead, you might call the Knoxville firm a jump-start.

With its headquarters in a small industrial complex near I-640, a new team is hoping the third time’s a charm for the company that provides services to truckers who don’t want to leave their engines running while they rest.

In its first iteration, IdleAire Technologies was a local start-up that aimed to put a green spin on the long-haul trucking industry and attracted capital from a wide swath of East Tennessee investors who were hoping to hit it big when the company went public. That dream ended in a 2008 bankruptcy filing, and later that year the company’s assets were sold for $26 million to a group of investors who tried to relaunch the company. That encore also failed and in January, 2010, IdleAire, Inc., announced that it would close.

A few months later, though, an investment group called Convoy Solutions announced plans to restart the company’s service at more than two dozen locations.

The CEO of Convoy Solutions is Ethan Garber, a former junk-bond trader with Bear Stearns who became familiar with the company while working as a consultant for its former owner.Garber said the new investors are mostly wealthy individuals, many with a background in turnarounds and bankruptcy.

The challenges are numerous. For one thing, the company has said TravelCenters of America removed IdleAir’s equipment from many of its locations and according to Garber, IdleAir bought that material back from the demolition teams that removed it. TravelCenters of America did not respond to an interview request.

Another hurdle is the company’s reputation after previous false starts. While IdleAir at one time had 131 locations in 34 states, it was operating 26 locations in late May with two more pending and an additional 10 sites in the active planning stages.

Mike Fielden, a University of Tennessee graduate and logistics veteran,is the company’s president and said that “it’s taken a long time for people to even understand that this company is in business. They saw places being removed … and when someone has seen that, that sticks in their mind pretty well, to (the extent that) when they see it up that doesn’t mean they think it’s open.”

IdleAir’s facilities feature truss-like stations where drivers can hook to a module that provides heating, air-conditioning, electricity and other services directly into their cab. By using those services for an hourly fee, the drivers don’t have to leave their engine running overnight.

Fielden said the company had made some stylistic changes, dropping the second “e” from the company’s name and tinkering with the logo. He added that “we decided that improving the image of the brand and repairing the image of the brand was better than starting a new one,” he said.

More substantively, IdleAir has streamlined some of its operating practices. Fielden said the company once had four data centers but now has only one,and has reduced the number of on-site workers.Those employees also have incentives — based on factors such as hours of use and sales — built into their compensation packages, rather than simply drawing an hourly check.

Garber said the company now breaks even when it comes to profitability at the site level,with small profits beginning to cover corporate overhead. “We think that we’ll probably be cash-flow positive by the beginning of next year,” he added.

Linda Gaines, a transportation systems analyst at the Argonne National Laboratory, near Chicago, said IdleAir is on a much better track than it had been, and that the new management team is “pretty sharp.”

“They’re specifically looking for sites with good occupancy. They’re cutting their costs compared to the original company. They’re going out of their way to sort of develop a very positive public image,” she said, adding that the new company’s up-front capital cost was much lower than the original company.

IdleAir’s full-service approach isn’t the only strategy being developed to reduce the emissions from idling. Onboard units, for example, represent a higher up-front investment for drivers but allow them to power up at any location.Another option is a “shorepower” system, in which truck stops install electrical facilities that drivers can plug into, although that option also requires drivers to carry some equipment with them.

Garber, the company’s CEO, said IdleAir has signed up more than 20,000 drivers since it relaunched in 2010 and is aiming for a network of around 100 locations.

“We’re risking our own money to try to right IdleAir and let it realize the potential that it already showed (a) significant likelihood of being able to reward its customers and employees with,” he said.

Sat Nov 26 2011

IdleAir Walks to Support Cancer Survivors

On Sunday, November 13, 2011, several members of the IdleAir team joined 5,000 other participants in the 2011 BUDDY’S Race Against Cancer to benefit the Thompson Cancer Survival Center Foundation’s Cancer Outreach Services program:

The Thompson Cancer Survival Center serves patients in Knox County and 17 surrounding counties, providing cancer screenings and education to the medically underserved, who have never received or could not otherwise afford such services.

The IdleAir team donated $705 to support this cause. The IdleAir team is proud to participate in BUDDY’s Race Against Cancer, helping to save lives and walking in honor and in memory of many loved ones.

Fri Nov 11 2011

IdleAir Salutes Our Veterans

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” – Elmer Davis

This Veterans Day, IdleAir salutes our veterans and thanks them for their service.

On 11/11/11, the Claysville, PA Petro (I-70 Exit 6) is becoming “Veterans Petro”. In honor of all those who served, IdleAir is providing FREE Premium Service at Claysville’s Veterans Petro through midnight this Veterans Day.

Also this Veterans Day, IdleAir is thanking every veteran with a $5.00 IdleAir gift card at all our other locations nation-wide. For a complete list of locations, please visit

From all of us at IdleAir, THANK YOU!

Wed Oct 12 2011

IdleAir Employee Helps Save a Driver’s Life

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
IdleAir at Jackson, GA

Today at the IdleAir in Jackson, GA, an IdleAir site representative, Amanda, gave emergency CPR to a driver, helping save his life.

Amanda was at the right place at the right time: “The driver was parked behind the IdleAir office. He hadn’t been there very long. I think he had just pulled in while I was cleaning and doing maintenance.”

Two other drivers were walking to the restaurant when they saw the sick driver slump over. They got him set in his bunk.

Amanda remembers, “I had a driver call me over to the truck to say that the ambulance was on its way. While we were waiting, the driver collapsed. It all happened very quickly.”

Always ready, Amanda is CPR certified and keeps a CPR kit in the back of her car. While the other drivers were getting the sick driver laid down on his bunk, Amanda ran to get her CPR kit. Amanda performed CPR for about five minutes before the paramedics arrived.

When the paramedics arrived, they saw swelling of the abdomen, and suspected the driver might have congestive heart failure. The paramedics said it could have been a number of things, like exhaustion, but without Amanda’s help, he would have been in trouble.

Amanda wasn’t done yet. “I just wanted to make sure that his load was ok so that he doesn’t get in trouble with his company on top of everything else. If his load needs to be somewhere, someone should come get it because it could be a few days before the driver gets out of the hospital.”

No one had a chance to get the driver’s name before the paramedics arrived, but Amanda saw the driver’s truck number, and called IdleAir customer support for help. The driver’s company is an IdleAir customer, and the IdleAir team knew just who to call. Within no time, the company sent two drivers to pick up the load. One driver was already a long-time IdleAir customer, and the other signed up on the spot. He’s spending his HOS at IdleAir, and then leaving tomorrow morning to deliver the sick driver’s load to Pennsylvania – on time and on schedule!

But Amanda still wasn’t done. She found out which hospital the sick driver was taken to, and called to find out that the driver is doing better and is in stable condition.

IdleAir has a partnership with the travel center, and gives drivers meal coupons to the restaurant. Amanda took one of the free meal coupons and made a get well soon note with some extra good news: the driver’s company pays for IdleAir. So the next time the driver wants to enjoy a quiet night’s rest (outside of the hospital!), all he needs to do is pull in to any IdleAir and friendly site representatives, like Amanda, will take care of the rest.

On behalf of everyone at IdleAir, we wish the sick driver a full and speedy recovery, and thank Amanda for going the extra mile. Stay safe, and we’ll see you soon at IdleAir.

Fri Sep 30 2011

American Energy Independence at IdleAir

IdleAir is proud to support American Energy Independence. We use homegrown electric power from domestic resources, so our customers can sleep better at night knowing that they’re supporting American workers and keeping American dollars here at home.

But we’re doing even more: IdleAir is installing American-made solar panels at select locations, like the 20kw of panels that have been installed at our IdleAir location in White Pine, TN.

Solar panels create American construction jobs and create more clean homegrown electric power. The solar panels in White Pine, TN create enough electricity to power 50% of IdleAir’s daytime requirements for providing cooling and heating. The solar panels also create shading for our HVAC units and customers’ truck cabs, which keeps drivers even cooler and uses less electricity for air conditioning.

Thank you for supporting IdleAir and American Energy Independence.