The New IdleAir Mobile App!

Coming July 9th, 2019 to the Google Play Store, the brand new IdleAir Mobile App for Android! Get directions to sites, email receipts, control the HVAC and TV right from your Android phone and more! So how does the app work? Continue reading on for the App documentation.

    A. Login Screen

From the login screen, you can choose to login via Google, Facebook, Twitter, or you can use your e-mail address to login. We plan to add Microsoft/XBox authentication with a later update.

    B. Account Association

If you logged in with the same e-mail you used with us previously, then you will not have to associate your existing IdleAir account, as the system will automatically pull your account information down.

If you need to associate your IdleAir account you will see this screen:

Please note, that to see our locations and privacy policy you do not need an associated account.

To associate your account, tap on the Associate IdleAir Account button. The following screen will appear:

Fill out your information. It must match what we have on record for you to associate your account successfully. Click the update button. You will then be taken back to the main menu. If we were unable to associate your account, you will need to click on the Associate IdleAir account button to try again. If you have successfully associated your account you will have more options available. These options are described in the next section.

    C. Main Menu

When your account is associated with an IdleAir account, you will see the following list of menu choices:

Locations – Displays a list of our locations, along with address and integration into Google Maps and Navigation.

Account Info – Displays your basic account information, allowing you to easily update your personal information.

Balances – Displays a list of balances for every active card you have, as well as displays your Convoy Points balance.

Receipts – View receipts for the past year, and optionally e-mail those receipts to the e-mail address we have on file.

Transfer Funds – Use a credit card to transfer funds to your Member Card

HVAC Control – If you are in a visit, you can control the air conditioning, heat settings.

TV Control – If you are in a visit, flip through channels directly without having to use the SM.

    D. Locations

This screen show a list of locations with a map marker set for each location. Once you click on a marker, you can see the site’s full address:

Clicking on the address will launch Google Navigation:

    E. Account Information

This screen brings up your current IdleAir account information. From here you can update your phone number, e-mail address, street address and truck information. Once you click update, you will be presented with a screen that says the update status and a button that when tapped, will return back to the main screen.

    F. Account Balance Screen

This screen brings up a list of cards you have with us and their current balances. Also displays your Convoy Points balance. Click the back arrow to return to the main menu.

    G. Receipts

This screen displays your receipts for the past year. To view a receipt in detail, click on the row that contains the receipt you wish to view.

Click on the e-mail receipt button to have the receipt e-mailed to the e-mail address we have on file. Click on Back to Receipts to return to the receipts list.

    H. Transfer Funds

This screen allows you to use a credit card to transfer funds to your Member Card:

First, choose the IdleAir account you wish to transfer funds to. Next, enter a valid Visa, Mastercard or AmEx card. Enter the expiration month and year. Finally, enter the dollar amount. The maximum amount you can transfer at a time is $200. There is no minimum. You then can use the account balances screen to verify the transfer went through.

    I. HVAC Control

When you are in an active IdleAir visit, you can control your climate settings via your mobile device, or tablet:

Using the temperature scale and your finger, you can slide the notch to the desired temperature. You can also directly click on the temperature you wish to set, rather than swiping your finger across the screen.

The snowflake icon is the Cool setting. The flame is the Heat setting. Auto sets the Cool/Heat based upon the current in-cab ambient temperature. The power button icon will turn the HVAC unit off. The on/off fan icon, will turn the fan on or off. Auto sets the fan speed to automatic. Low sets the fan speed to the slowest possible setting. High sets the speed on the fastest setting.

    J. TV Control

Control the TV directly with your device if you are in a visit:

Simply just click on a channel to change the channel.

    K. Privacy Policy

View the Privacy Policy by clicking on the “Kebab Menu” (the icon that has 3 dots on top of each other) and selecting Privacy Policy: