Wireless USB Mouse

Wireless USB Mouse

Change channels without getting up from your bunk!

Now you can purchase 2.4GHz wireless USB mice from IdleAir.

The wireless mice are great for changing channels from your bunk. The wireless USB mice are available for $20.00/each (AFTER all taxes). Customers can also purchase an IdleAir mousepad for $3.00/ea (AFTER all taxes).

IdleAir’s wireless USB mice can also operate the IdleAir service module, and can be used with just about any laptop or device with a USB port. The wireless USB mouse comes with a USB “stick” or “dongle”, which is inserted into the USB port on the IdleAir SM. Power on the mouse, and it connects automatically. That’s it!

The wireless USB mice require one AA battery, and have a wireless range of approximately 30 feet. The mice come in a variety of different colors, although selection may vary by site.

To purchase a wireless USB mouse, please ask your site representative for assistance, or contact IdleAir Customer Support at (877) 738-7024.