Change Channels With Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop

Change Channels With Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop

How to Change Channels Using Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop:

Customers using USB keyboards connected to the IdleAir Service Module can use the F9 and F10 keys to change channels up and down. Customers can also change channels by loging in to the IdleAir Driver Portal using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to change channels.

1. Login to Mobile Accounts Portal:
Go to the IdleAir Accounts Portal at: Enter your user name and password, then click “Login”.

2. Home Screen:

3. Service Module Control:
Click the “Service Module Control” button.

4. Change Channel:
The current channel is displayed (ESPN2). Click on the drop-down to select a different channel.

5. Find New Channel:
When you click on the drop-down menu, you’ll see all the channels listed. Scroll up and down the list, by clicking on the up and down arrows, until you find the channel you want to select.

6. Select New Channel:
Roll the mouse over the channel you want to select, until the channel appears with a blue background, like The Weather Channel appears here. Then click on it.

7. New Channel Confirmed:
The current channel now displays the channel you selected, The Weather Channel. Note the confirmation below which says “Channel Changed to TWC”.

8. Use Previous & Next Buttons:
For your convenience, you can also use the “Previous Channel” and “Next Channel” buttons to change to the previous or next channel.

Click here to download these channel changing instructions as a .pdf.