Mar 18, 2011

IdleAir Announces New “Home Away From Home” Discount for Extended Stays

Friday March 18, 2011

For Immediate Release:

IdleAir is now offering a new “Home Away From Home” discount to customers for extended stays at IdleAir. Drivers who stay at IdleAir more than 10 consecutive hours receive a discounted rate of only $1.25/hr for each hour of Premium Service after the first 10 hours. For example, the first 24 hours only cost $37.40 (plus tax) – a savings of $10.36 – at IdleAir sites where Premium Service is currently $1.99/hr.

After the first 24 hours, the daily maximum rate for continuous extended stays is only $30.00. The discount is calculated automatically and applied immediately to the customer’s bill.

Customers can now take advantage of additional savings while still enjoying IdleAir’s Premium Service, including expanded DirecTV, ESPN, standard electricity inside and outside the cab, and internet access on the color touch-screen.

IdleAir is proud to introduce this new discount as way of saying Thank You to our customers, and reward them for staying longer with IdleAir. The “Home Away From Home” discount creates even more value and savings for our customers, and gives them additional extended-stay alternatives to hotels and APUs.

There are 9 IdleAir locations with a special Grand Opening promotion price of $1.25 per hour for Premium Service, through April 30, 2011. At these sites, the customer will receive the $1.25 price for the duration of their stay.

“The Home Away From Home discount is a welcome new addition to the pricing options for IdleAir Premium Service. It’s a great way for customers to enjoy even greater savings by using IdleAir for extended stays, and makes IdleAir an affordable alternative to hotels and a great supplement for folks that already carry APUs. As we grow, the new IdleAir is striving to create value for our customers,” said IdleAir CEO, Ethan Garber.